Santa Fe Spirits’ quest to create flavors that embody the Mountain West has resulted in another innovative release. Slow Burn smoked gin liqueur combines the desert aromas and flavors of its Wheeler’s Western Dry Gin with the sweet smoke of hickory and apple woods.

Slow Burn was inspired by head distiller John Jefferey’s quest to venture into new distilling territory. “I wanted to do something really southwestern with our gin, which is already really unique. Smoking spirits without having to smoke the grain is really interesting to me. And I really love liqueurs. The result is unlike anything else: the smoke is present, but not overwhelming. It’s lovely to drink.”

Tasting notes:

Nose: Wheeler’s sage, juniper, slightly sweet caramel, hay and heather

Taste: Campfire smoke sits nicely in the lap of gin botanical complexity, cola or root beer sweetness, marshmallows, slight citrus, with hints of rich sweet earth like well seasoned leather.

The result is a liqueur that encapsulates the terroir of Santa Fe in a bottle.

  • 38% alcohol by volume
  • 76 proof
  • Base spirit is Wheeler’s Western Dry Gin
  • Smoked with hickory and apple wood
  • Lightly sweetened
  • Available only in 375 milliliter bottles
  • Limited release
Slow Burn

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